Nearby Scenic Spots

Guidelines For Recreation

Commercial Circles:
Han-Hsien International Hotel is situated at the center of the city. There are many famous commercial districts nearby.

From the hotel, it takes only five minutes drive or fifteen minutes walks to Sogo Department Store, Hsin-Kuang Mitsukoshi Department Store, FE21' Department Store and VIESHOW CINEMAS.

From the hotel, it takes eight minutes drive to New Jyuejiang Shopping Area and Wufu commercial circles. These are some good places for travelers to go shopping and walk around.

Jogging Route:
The hotel is on the most beautiful roads of Kaohsiung City, just by Sihwei Road and the boulevard of Mingchuan Road. In the morning the air is fresh and the view is attractive. When jogging along the roads in the early morning, you can listen to the sounds of nature, the insects chirping and the birds singing.

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