About Urban Hotel33

The Urban Hotel33 is affiliated with the Han-Hsien Hospitality Co. It is in the heart of Kaohsiung commercial district, and located a mere 15 ~ 25 minutes away from the Taiwan Railway Station and airport, and is adjacent to the KRTC. Urban Hotel33 features modern designed Elegance Section and Chic Section. With 167 guest rooms, a business entertainment center, conference room, restaurant and other facilities, our five-star international hotel provides the finest quality and superior service to both our business travelers and tourists from around the world. Our attentive and caring hospitality makes you feel right at home.



The Urban Hotel33 is conveniently located near the intersection of Jhongjheng and Minzu Roads of Kaohsiung City, the main South-North and East-West roads. The train station or airport are only 15 ~ 25 minutes away, and walking for 3 minutes from the KRTC, which can further take you to the airport, Taiwan High Speed Rail and the Taiwan Railway Station. All the most convenient modes of transportation are easily served. We are within walking distance to locales such as Kaohsiung Cultural Center and the famous department stores. In addition, the Urban Hotel33 is directly in front of Dingsin Park, a rare piece of green landscape in the city featuring its collection of stunning flora.

 Transportation Information

Expressway: Go south on the Zhongshan highway and exit on Jhongjheng Interchange. Drive along Jhongjheng Road to Minzu Road. After making a left you will lane.
Bus: Take Kaohsiung City Bus Route 224, 248 to Minzu Road Stop and walk for another 3 minutes.
Airport: About 25 minutes drive from airport.
Kaohsiung Station: 15 minutes drive from the train station.
HSR Sation: About 30 minutes drive.
KRTC: Please take the Orange Line to O6 Station(Sinyi Elementary School Station). EIXT 4 and walk for another 3 minutes.
  For further information, please check with our reception.