Nearby Scenic Spots

Guidelines For Recreation

The Urban Hotel33 is situated at the main South-North and East-West roads of Kaohsiung City. There are many famous commercial districts and art and cultural places nearby.

From the hotel, it takes 3 minutes drive or 15 minutes walk to President Department circles. These provide comprehensive shopping space for travelers with noble taste, leisure and family.

From the hotel, it takes 5 minutes drive to New Jyuejiang Shopping Area, Urban Spotlight and Wufu commercial circles. These are some good places for travelers to go shopping and walk around.

From the hotel, it takes 2 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk to Kaohsiung City Culture Center. These are holding art and cultural exhibitions and performances in Kaohsiung city. The statues on the outdoor green areas have given the park plentiful artistic glamour is the best place for relaxation and leisure.

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